Equality Court urged to take action against apartheid flag

Federico Mansilla
Marcha 1, 2018

". It became apparent to the Foundation that some South Africans do not fully appreciate that apartheid was a crime against humanity (as the United Nations declared in 1973)‚ and that gratuitous displays of apartheid symbols‚ such as the old flag‚ are a celebration of that crime and a humiliation of its victims".

An application was submitted to the Equality Court on Wednesday, after it was deemed necessary by the NMF, considering the manner in which the flag has recently been displayed.

The foundation says the displays compound the pain experienced by millions of black South Africans who suffered under apartheid and continue to struggle under its legacy.

The Nelson Mandela Foundation is taking a strong stand against the old South African flag.

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Farming communities throughout South Africa took to the streets past year to raise awareness of farm attacks and killings, in a mass protest dubbed "Black Monday".

The flag has previously been displayed at various demonstrations including a march against farm murders in October past year.

However, during the protest images of some participants waving the apartheid-era flag circulated on social media, causing an uproar.

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