"Pakistan Picking Soft Targets", Says Senior Army Officer On Sunjuwan Attack

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 15, 2018

"Go to Badamibagh (a cantonment in Srinagar) or Udhampur (the Northern Command headquarters) or even my residence", Northern Command chief Lt Gen D Anbu said.

"Enemy is frustrated and is trying softer targets, when they fail at borders they attack on camps", he said.

Raising concerns over young men turning to terrorism, the top Army commander said identifying the terror leadership and eliminating them continues to be on top of the force's agenda as far as tacking the menace of terrorism is concerned.

The officer said the youth joining militant ranks in the Kashmir Valley continued to be a matter of concern.

Meanwhile, Lt Gen Devraj Anbu has issued a fresh warning, saying more than 300 militants are waiting across the Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistan to infiltrate into India.

Owaisi had claimed that those questioning the loyalty of Muslims and referring to them as "Pakistani" should take a lesson from Sunjuwan attack as five out of the seven people killed there were Muslims.

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He said that Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Toiba were hands in glove in carrying attacks. "Now everybody is silent on their death", Owaisi had said. "We don't communalise our troops".

Owaisi had raised a controversy after he had pointed out that five of the six soldiers who had passed away after terrorist attacks in Jammu's Sunjwan military station were Muslim, and that people who doubt patriotism and integrity of Muslims must remember this before commenting.

Anbu, who is the seniormost army officer in the command, said the army was prioritising security of small camps in vulnerable areas and those which need immediate attention.

The Hyderabad MP yesterday had also said the so-called "9 pm" nationalists (those who appear in prime time TV debates) question the nationalism of Muslims and Kashmiri Muslims.

"They call Muslims Pakistanis". They treat everyone as Indian. 'Social media is also responsible for increase in terror activities. "While immediately behind the borders we have strengthened ourselves and we are very well prepared, it picked up soft targets", he said. "It is engaging the youth on a large scale, and I think we need to focus on this issue".

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