Google adds more worldwide data coverage to Project Fi

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 15, 2018

If your Gmail account includes messages (maybe from your airline) about an upcoming worldwide trip, it'll now automatically notify you if your Fi account will work at your destination.

Project Fi is adding 37 countries and territories where data coverage costs the same $10 per GB as it does domestically.

Google likewise as of late presented its own particular form of a boundless arrangement for Project Fi.

Most notably, the service now includes data coverage in 170 countries and territories - "from Argentina to Zambia", Google announced on Thursday. The full list is at the bottom of this article.

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You don't have to proactively look up coverage, though. While data stays at $10 per gigabyte and text messages are free, any global calls you make on Project Fi will clock in at 20 cents per minute, opening up the potential for a hefty phone bill if you're not paying close attention to your talk time. Odds are that Project Fi now has you canvassed in the majority of them. Texts are free while calls are 20 cents a minute. You'll even know if a country is covered before you go just by opening the Fi app.

Google will monitor the linked Gmail account for travel itineraries to trigger the alert.

This feature is automatically turned on for Project Fi customers but can be turned off if you are not into it. These notifications will tell you if the country you're traveling to is supported by Project Fi, along with what your rates will be while you're visiting. Here are all the newly supported Fi countries.

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