Facebook Messenger Kids For Android Released Today

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 15, 2018

The controversial Facebook app that allows children to have their own Messenger is now available on Android. The app, designed for children under 13 years old, was made available on the Apple Store in December 2017 and has since then also made its way to Amazon.

As of today, Messenger Kids is available for download in the Google Play store, complete with some new Valentine's Day-themed stickers.

Google's latest update of its Android phone app comes with the addition of a rather popular interactive messaging feature: chat heads.

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Now, we have known that numerous major platforms like Snapchat and YouTube are pushing for the child-friendly content with the launch of their respective platforms which are most suitable for kids. However, Facebook is adamant to tackle such risks by instead providing what they claim is a safe environment that is completely controlled by parents and has full transparency.

"Given Facebook's enormous reach and marketing prowess, Messenger Kids will likely be the first social media platform widely used by elementary school children", the advocacy group said in its letter. "We have been very clear that there is no advertising in Messenger Kids".

Messenger Kids is meant for children aged six to 12 so that they can safely communicate with family members and friends. "We continue to be focused on making Messenger Kids be the best experience it can be for families", the company wrote. When they open up the app, kids see a list of approved contacts they can call for a one-on-one or group video chat. The most interesting thing is that kids don't need a Facebook account to use it, only their parents do.

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