Army detains Lt Colonel in Jabalpur in honey trap case

Ceria Alfonso
Febrero 15, 2018

An Lt Colonel rank officer of the Indian Army posted at Jabalpur ordnance workshop in Madhya Pradesh has been arrested by the counter intelligence department of the force for allegedly spying for Pakistan.

Searches were initiated by officials from the Lucknow command headquarters.

The officer in question is now posted at Army base workshop and was on radar following a major financial transaction through his account, reported the Times of India. "The officer is working in the Jabalpur workshop and has been detained by the counter-intelligence wing of the Army", the sources said.

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The ISI agents had made fake profiles as women on Facebook and befriended the officer there.

He was detained by the IAF for investigation on January 31 after his activities were found suspicious.

The detention of the Lt Colonel-rank official comes barely a week after IAF officer Arup Marwaha was arrested for sharing secret info with Pak-based handlers after being enticed on social media.

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