Amazon Eclipses Microsoft Atop Worth Leaderboard

Federico Mansilla
Febrero 15, 2018

Inc.'s closing market value surpassed Microsoft for the first time on Wednesday and continued to climb Thursday.

Amazon trails only Apple, worth $849.2 billion, and Google parent Alphabet, at $746 billion, among publicly traded companies as of Wednesday's close.

Microsoft is now the world's fourth most valuable company followed by Tencent, with the Chinese company having overtaken Facebook back in late November of past year.

Amazon shares closed Wednesday at $1,451.05, giving the company a market cap of $702.5 billion.

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One such example is Amazon's clear and established lead ahead of Microsoft in the cloud computing market, with AWS now holding a 34% market share compared to Microsoft Azure's 13%, according to Synergy Research Group. The software giant's stock rose by 1.6 percent or $1.40 per share, translating to an increase in total market cap by $10.78 billion.

Amazon has almost quadrupled in value over the last three years, a surge that made founder and chief executive Jeff Bezos the world's richest man, displacing his Medina neighbor, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

While Microsoft managed to post some gains on the same day, it was not enough to offset Amazon's increase.

Microsoft has been on an upswing of late - buoyed by a cloud-computing business that has emerged as the main challenger to market-leading Amazon Web Services - and given investors confidence that the company can survive declining personal computer sales.

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