Google Testing New Crowdsourced 'Hyperlocal' News App, Bulletin

Federico Mansilla
Enero 26, 2018

It's unclear if/when Bulletin will make its way to other markets, but for someone that lives in a relatively small town, having an app where I can find stories I otherwise wouldn't hear about sounds like something I'd absolutely use.

Google is testing out a new app which is designed for local news stores. The app can help you quickly get the word out so others can take an alternate route and won't get stuck in a risky situation.

Google says that Bulletin is a lightweight app, and unlike traditional news outlets, all of the stories that you read are created and shared by people like you living in your neighborhood. "If you are comfortable taking photos or sending messages, you can create a Bulletin story!"

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Bulletin stories are public and discoverable via Google search, social networks, or links sent via email and messaging apps.

Meanwhile, Bulletin isn't the only community-focused service out there. To be considered for the pilot, please request early access.

The Google Bulletin is created to let people submit and share local stories using photos, videos, text and more. The service is now being piloted in Nashville, TN and Oakland, CA, the webpage states. - Said Google in their official blog post.

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