China calls on the United States to abandon Cold War thinking

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 22, 2018

China calls on the United States to abandon Cold War thinking, according to the Chinese Ministry of Defense based on the new U.S. defense strategy.

Ministry spokesperson Ren Guoqiang issued a statement on Saturday in response to the national defense strategy of US President Donald Trump that was released the previous day. "The plan of the national strategy, among other issues, includes absurd speculations on the modernization of the Chinese army that do not take into account that such exaggerated issues as the rivalry of the so-called great powers and "China's military threat" abound with false judgments like zero-sum games and antagonism", the statement said.

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The National Defence ministry's statement on Saturday came shortly after China's Foreign Ministry vowed to take "necessary measures" to safeguard its sovereignty after a USA warship entered waters surrounding the Huangyan Island in the South China Sea. The ministry stated that China "has embarked on a path of peaceful development and adheres to a defense policy", while at the same time having the "sovereign right" to have its own military in the South China Sea.

The ministry added that China had no plans to fight for global leadership or to carry out activities that could be classified as military expansion and that Beijing adheres to a defensive policy and contributes to global development and the protection of the existing world order.

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