Mercedes-Benz still has no plans for diesels in the US

Federico Mansilla
Enero 21, 2018

VW's dieselgate killed any thirst for oil burners.

Speaking to The Detroit Bureau at this year's Detroit auto show, Ola Kallenius, Mercedes' head of R&D, said that even though Mercedes' newest generation of diesel engines would likely be clean enough to sell in the us, it doesn't have any plans to do so.

"It does much better on emissions for Europe", Kallenius said during an interview at the North American International Auto Show.

For fans of the torque and fuel efficiency that diesel engines offer, this has to be disappointing news.

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Last year, Mercedes-Benz dropped plans to have its cars' diesel engines certified for sale in the USA again. Then again, considering how few diesels Mercedes sold, it shouldn't be surprising.

Although the decision to not sell diesels in the USA anymore may sadden diesel fans, the truth is that only about 3 percent of Mercedes' sales came from diesels. The sales of the diesel-powered vehicles was limited, accounting for only 3% of the brand's sales even in their best year, he noted.

"The diesel doesn't fit into our portfolio in the U.S.", Kallenius stated.

Mercedes-Benz, however, is offering a diesel engine in its Sprinter vans, Kallenius said. "It appears that e-Commerce with its need for package deliver has helped spur sales", Kallenius said.

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