Canadian billionaires were 'murdered', say private detectives

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 21, 2018

Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead in their North York home by a real estate agent on December 15.

The city's homicide unit had said that both Mr and Mrs Sherman were strangled to death but did not classify the deaths as homicides.

Officers ruled out murder after the husband and wife were found hanging in their home.

The lawyer, Brian Greenspan, hired private detectives and asked for another post-mortem examination of the bodies.

Some new and disturbing information is coming to light surrounding the deaths of Toronto billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman.

The pathologist and the detectives, which included former Toronto homicide investigators, found markings on the victims' wrists indicating that their hands had been tied with cord or a plastic zip tie.

They said it showed their hands had been tied with a cord or plastic zip tie, despite the pair being found with their hands untied and no sign of ropes or cords nearby.

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The team concluded that the couple was strangled to death with men's leather belts found around their necks attached to a bar at the edge of the pool.

Sources close to the family probe used words like "professional", "contract killing", and "staged homicide" to describe the couple's death, the Star said.

According to the Star, there was no signs of damage, forced entry or evidence of a home invasion at the property.

A review by police and the private investigators of CCTV footage taken from nearby homes has not sparked any leads, the newspaper said.

Sherman founded Apotex in 1974, and over the following decades became known as a ruthless businessman who shunned the limelight while revolutionizing the drug industry in Canada.

Today, the company employs over 11,000 people and sells 300 generic drugs in 120 countries.

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