Syrians Freeze to Death Trying to Cross Mountainous Border With Lebanon

Federico Mansilla
Enero 20, 2018

Ten Syrian refugees froze to death in the northeastern Lebanese border region of Arsal due to the cold weather conditions.

The UNHCR said in a statement on Friday that the deaths, which included six women, two children and two men, reflected the desperate and volatile situation faced by Syrian refugees "trying to reach safety in Lebanon".

The refugees were attempting to illegally enter Lebanon, which has been hit by a snowstorm in recent days.

The army rescued six others from near the Masnaa border crossing, one of whom later died in hospital.

The army said troops were still searching for others who might have been lost in the snow.

More news: Snow less than half an inch still in forecast for Tuesday night

An army statement gave a different toll of nine bodies and said the military saved five Syrians.

Many of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon live in informal tent settlements in the east of the country and struggle to stay warm in the winter.

Lebanon took in around 1.5 million Syrian refugees at the height of Syria's conflict, now in its seventh year.

Lebanon witnessed fierce storms overnight Friday, which blanketed much of the country's mountainous areas in snow.

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