Eagles Fan Arrested for Punching a Horse After Ejection From Falcons Game

Jose Verdugo
Enero 16, 2018

Sadly, punching police horses isn't all that uncommon. They like to make it seem like they're always being picked on for isolated incidents - their claim - over the years including booing Santa, blah, blah, blah.

But this story from Saturday is one even the most hardened Eagles fan couldn't have seen coming, blinders on or not.

And then things like this come up.

According to police, 22-year-old Taylor Hendricks of Whitehall, Pa., in Lehigh County showed up to watch the highly-anticipated Eagles playoff game, but was ejected by the team because he was intoxicated and didn't actually have a ticket.

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The alleged incident happened during Saturday's Eagles game.

After being ejected, Hendricks walked up to a mounted officer and began punching the officer's horse in the face, neck and shoulder area, police said.

I'll give it 10 minutes before an Eagles fan tweets me to say Raiders fans kill people or something like that. He was arraigned Sunday morning and released on $5,000 bail that day.

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