With expansion to screens and cars, Google Assistant is officially everywhere

Federico Mansilla
Enero 14, 2018

The Google Assistant is a new voice activated system that isn't limited to just one device-the assistant can come in the form of speakers, android powered TVs, headphones, and cars, to name a few.

According to a Bloomberg report, analyst EMarketer estimates Google's Home products will control 25 percent of the 2018 smart speaker market share, which pales in comparison to Amazon's 68 percent market share with the Echo.

On the show floor, it smoothly scrolled through demo applications popping up info in ways we're used to seeing on our phones or through Android Auto. Google's presence at CES 2018 this week has been considerable, buying out much of the advertising space on the strip and around the Consumer Electronics Show convention centers, and setting up shop in a sizable tent to demonstrate its Assistant's prowess. JBL tends to be a little more premium, so if I'd assume we'll end up in the $300 range, but we'll keep an ear out. More companies seem to be equipping their products to fit in with the various internet of things (IoT) ecosystems out there, or are creating their own.

In related news, JBL also announced the LINK View, another smart display device running the Google Assistant out of the box, although we don't have any info about its price either.

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Jumping to a completely different product category, Acer and Asus announced at CES that they are bringing Alexa to their laptops. The new Lenovo's smart display uses the company's IoT platform. In the smart home of the future, you'll be able to interact with your appliances and devices using only your voice.

Both displays lack distinct Lenovo or Google branding.

This new Smart Display platform is powered mostly by Google Assistant, but the company has not developed monitor hardware for the platform themselves.

With Amazon dominating CES previous year with Alexa, it seems that Google can no longer ignore Alexa's growing influence even though Google Assistant is available on phones and tablets.

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