Watch Legend Bill Murray As Steve Bannon On SNL

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 14, 2018

For Saturday Night Live's cold open, the sketch show parodied MSNBC's Morning Joe with Kate McKinnon portraying Mika Brzezinski and Alex Moffat tackling the role of Joe Scarborough.

The two were there to discuss the Trump White House in SNL's version of Morning Joe, with Armisen, as Wolff, highlighting some of the more lurid, and questionable portions, of his controversial book. But I am different from Donald Trump because I'm actually a billionaire. I'm already auditioning candidates, and I've got some prospects: Logan Paul, Martin Shkreli [and] the Subway guy Jared Fogel. Murray's Bannon talks about his future plans including a web series on Crackle. "It's time for America to slide down the Bannon-ster".

The ousted White House senior adviser resigned as editor from the conservative news outlet Breitbart after Michael Wolff's book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" came out last week.

Closing the segment out was a satanical Oprah Winfrey to play off the speculation that she could run for president in 2020.

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"I never said Don Jr., was treasonous, and I certainly never said he'd crack like an egg on TV", Murray's Bannon chastised Armisen's Wolff, before admitting, "Ok, that does sound like me, thank you, good reporting". Trump would say, "A thousand bucks on the black one",' he said. While Trump no longer speaks out against "SNL" on his social media accounts, Baldwin and other cast members took shots at the controversy in the White House during almost all of their broadcasts.

When asked if everything in his book was true, Armisen's Wolff responded, "You read it, right?" You got the gist, so shut up.

After two weeks into the new year and Donald Trump has found himself in the headlines on more than one occasion.

Later in the show, guest host Sam Rockwell dropped an F-bomb during a skit that was spoofing science shows for children from the 1990s.

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