Ticketmaster Pays $110 Million to Settle Songkick Lawsuit

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 14, 2018

The longstanding legal battle between Songkick and Live Nation seems to have finally drawn to a close, as Live Nation has put out a press release stating that it has acquired assets from Complete Entertainment Resources Group, Inc. The suit between David and Goliath included accusations that Live Nation had abused its market power.

But on Friday, less than two weeks before the start of a trial, Live Nation announced that it had settled the suit for $110 million and an additional undisclosed sum to acquire some of Songkick's remaining technology assets and patents.

Songkick contended that Live Nation was interfering in its business by blocking its access to presale tickets and by demanding fees on the sale of tickets that Songkick handled.

Songkick's concert discovery platform was acquired by Warner Music Group last July - an acquisition that specifically excluded its ticketing business, formerly known as Crowdsurge, and the "pending litigation" associated with it.

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The dispute between the companies has spanned years, starting with an antitrust suit from Songkick in 2015 and leading to the eventual shutdown of all ticketing operations by Songkick in October of last year, a development which the CEO and founder Matt Jones blamed squarely on Live Nation and Ticketmaster.

The case for Songkick hinged on rights to sell tickets.

"We are pleased that we were able to resolve this dispute and avoid protracted and costly legal proceedings, while also acquiring valuable assets", said Joe Berchtold, President of Live Nation in the press release announcing the transaction. The promoting giant was accused of pressuring touring artists and concert venues to not work with Songkick's service.

This case was punctuated as well by accusation of Ticketmaster corporate espionage, and had large amounts of court filing that at times showed embarrassing communications amongst top executives at Live Nation.

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