Sam Rockwell drops F-bomb during SNL sketch

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 14, 2018

During a sketch in which Rockwell played a host of a PBS Kids' science program, the actor, in character a little too well, was getting increasingly frustrated with the dumb kids and their incorrect answers about even the simplest science questions.

You can see him break character for just a split second when he realises what he's done (which was apparently bleeped for the LA broadcast, but not for the NY one), but quickly gets back into character, once again screaming at the kids in the room.

Over the course of the video, we see Mister Science lose his temper more and more until Rockwell gets so into it that he ends up shouting "How can you be this f*cking stupid?!"

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Rockwell presumably noticed his mistake, putting his hand briefly over his mouth. Just look at it! At which point the kids interrupt with, "Back to the Future?".

During the first post-monologue sketch of tonight's episode, the Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri star (and recent Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor winner) accidentally dropped an F-bomb. The musical guest for the episode was Halsey.

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