Payday 2 Nintendo Switch Version Release Date Announced

Federico Mansilla
Enero 14, 2018

In addition to the new content, The World Ends With You: Final Remix will be playable using touchscreen or with traditional controls.

According to Greenberg, data from the NPD reveals that the Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console in the December, followed by the Xbox One, and then by PS4. The new update brings new costumes and a new minigame that features Luigi to Super Mario Odyssey.

Nintendo has released what they are calling "Direct Mini" which has given Nintendo fans many games to look forward to in 2018. That seems to be what this new story mode is going for, but it also seems that this particular mode might abandon the tennis academy setting of previous Mario Tennis stories in favor of something a little wackier.

Kirby Star Allies showed off a series of new copy abilities with the 2D side-scrolling platform game due to arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 16th.

Two other big exclusives were announced previous year but have yet to be dated, bringing Fire Emblem and a new Yoshi title to Switch.

Dark Souls Remastered will be released in the West on May 25, while the Dark Souls Trilogy Box will release a day earlier in Japan.

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Mario's trips to the soccer field, baseball diamond, or even Olympic Games have taken him out of his standard side-scrolling adventures and while his parties and go-karting games are definitely the fan favorites, there's a soft spot out there for the Mario Tennis series.

Mario Tennis Aces (Spring 2018) - Nintendo continues to milk the Mario cash cow, promising a brand new tennis game based on the iconic moustachioed character. Another platformer, Matt Makes Games' Celeste, will let you climb unsafe mountains on February 27.

Nintendo will need a big, original game for late 2018, and our money is on Animal Crossing.

The Jan Nintendo Direct Mini also introduced Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of DANA, an action RPG with similarities to Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

The reveal of Dark Souls: Remastered for the Switch confirms a rumor that has been simmering ever since Nintendo first announced the Switch.

The new DLC will be part of a free update that will be released in February.

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