Judiciary spokesman: security forces killed no protester in Iran

Evarado Alatorre
Enero 14, 2018

The Iranian government acknowledged Sunday that 25 people had been killed during recent anti-government protests in cities throughout the country.

Iran's parliament said on January 7 that low-level protesters, particularly students, were to be released in waves while protest leaders would be punished.

The official accused the detainee of having been "trained by European intelligence services. leading the rioters".

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Meanwhile, a Tehran prosecutor said that over 400 people detained during demonstrations were released, according to semi-official Fars news agency.

The protests, which began three weeks ago, were initially sparked by anger at the weak economy and official corruption, but escalated rapidly, with some protesters calling for the overthrow of the government and clashing with security forces.

Iranian authorities have arrested a dual national who was taking pictures during recent unrest, Iran's judiciary spokesman was quoted as saying on Sunday, as security forces sought to contain the most widespread protests in the country since 2009. Pictures and videos of the protests were often posted on social media to encourage more people to take part.

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