Haitians, Africans not from 'shitholes' - Bill Clinton

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 14, 2018

President Donald Trump denies news reports that he referred to Haiti and various awful Third World nations as "shithole countries" in a meeting about immigration reform with lawmakers in the Oval Office. "He said those hate-filled things and he said them repeatedly", Senator Richard J. Durbin of IL, who was in the room, said Friday. The President and all those attending the meeting know what I said and how I feel. "You've seen the comments in the press". 'I have not read one of them that's inaccurate. The remarks, Durbin said, were "vile, hate-filled and clearly racial in their content".

Trump's remarks were made at a meeting of Congressional leaders working on a bipartisan immigration deal to allow some 800,000 so-called Dreamers to remain in the United States. Bob Goodlatte, (R-Va.) and Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.), according to MSNBC.

Samantha Power, who served as USA ambassador to the United Nations under President Obama, shared the ambassadors' statement on Twitter.

Lawmakers have until January 19 to approve a short-term government spending bill, and Republicans will need Democratic votes to push the measure through.

The Hill reported the words "Pay Trump bribes here" "emoluments welcome", and "we are all responsible to stand up and end white supremacy" were also projected onto the building. Specifically, he whined that the USA was mostly attracting immigrants from "shithole" countries. A large proportion of diversity visa lottery recipients come from African nations.

The Washington Post reported that, during the meeting, Trump said immigrants from Haiti should be left out of any new agreement approved by Congress. The Trump administration is ending those protections for people from Haiti, El Salvador and Nicaragua, and suggested it will do the same for Hondurans.

Haiti said it was shocked by Trump's reported remarks on Thursday and summoned the top United States diplomat in the country, asking for an apology if the vulgar term had been used.

When it came to talk of extending protections for Haitians, Durbin said Trump replied: "We don't need more Haitians'".

But even if Trump did call Haiti and various African nations "shithole countries", so what?

"I prefer elected officials to engage in language represents the commitment to the image of God", he said.

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El Salvador's foreign minister said a formal protest had been made over the comments attributed to Trump. Graham hasn't publicly commented on the meeting.

The reported language was the latest in a long string of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim comments by Trump that have been condemned as racist. The president and his allies have said the USA should move to a "merit-based" system rather than admitting people based on family ties, referring to anyone but spouses and minor children as "extended family".

Presidential aide Marc Short said the White House was nowhere near a bipartisan deal on immigration. "Anytime we devalue a person it's not good", Floyd said.

Underscoring the hurdles facing the effort, other Republicans undercut the significance of the deal the half-dozen senators hoped to sell to Trump.

The South Carolina Republican, who was on hand Thursday for the president's remarks, released a statement Friday afternoon explaining that he "said my piece directly to (Trump)".

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Trump disparaged the bipartisan proposal backed by three Republican senators and three Democratic senators as a "big setback" to a potential immigration deal and issued a vague denial of the vulgar comments.

Trump ignored shouted questions about his comments as he signed a proclamation Friday honoring Martin Luther King Jr.

Trump on Friday also denied demanding that Haitians be removed from negotiations about protected status for people from certain countries.

Perry said she believed presidents should be subject to a raft of tests to establish they are fit to serve.

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