DUP on charm offensive to ease Brexit tensions with Dublin

Jose Verdugo
Enero 14, 2018

Speaking ahead of the conference, the finance secretary said: "We highly value our relationship with Ireland and are committed to deepening our engagement outside the European Union given the close bond, common values, trade and cultural links between the two nations".

Mrs Foster told the audience that Brexit was not about "building a wall and cutting ourselves off from our nearest neighbours".

Her speech set out her vision of north-south relations during the Brexit process.

"The atmosphere going forward needs to improve and, in particular, negotiators need to be careful not to rush for the microphones at the first opportunity".

"As we chart a new course for the future, it is not in our interests to see the Republic of Ireland do anything other than prosper".

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She also added that she thinks of the Republic and Northern Ireland like a semi-detached house, saying they look the same on the outside, but that things are done differently inside.

Mrs Foster said maintaining "barrier-free access to the Great Britain market" while having a "frictionless border" with the Republic would require "novel solutions".

"But we must all recognise that change is coming as a result of the referendum".

Mrs O'Neill said she welcomed "the acknowledgement by Arlene Foster" that "our economy, community, and future, North and South, are interlinked and interdependent".

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