Steve Bannon steps down from Breitbart

Evarado Alatorre
Enero 13, 2018

The website said in an announcement featured on its front page that Mr Bannon and the news website will work together "on a smooth and orderly transition".

Less than a year ago, Time magazine put Mr Bannon on its cover and wondered whether he might be the second most powerful man in the world. The news of his stepping down signifies the end of his latest tenure in control of the platform.

The president told The Wall Street Journal in an interview that he felt "betrayed" by Bannon's comments. In the book, Bannon is quoted as saying a pre-election meeting involving Trump's eldest son Donald Jr. and a Kremlin-linked Russian lawyer was "treasonous".

"I think that if there's credible information that Ivanka Trump had with any of the participants in that meeting at the time of that meeting, she should be brought in", he said.

Donald Trump's least presidential moments so far.

By now that judgment is so well proven that even Trump has pretended to hardly know Bannon despite the obvious fact that Bannon did more than anyone to win the election for Trump.

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The White House did not immediately respond to the news of Bannon's ouster, but press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders last week called on the conservative site - which has been a steadfast backer of the president - to "look at and consider" parting ways with Bannon. Now, he's been disowned and nicknamed "Sloppy Steve" by the President he worked to elect. Bannon and Wolff cease-and-desist letters, citing an alleged breach of a nondisclosure agreement Mr. Bannon has supposedly signed.

Also Thursday, Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoff Ingersoll offered Bannon an internship at TheDC.

Feinstein also sits on the Senate intelligence committee, which is conducting its own investigation into the Russian interference and whether Trump's campaign was in any way involved.

Burck confirmed to Law360 on Thursday that he is representing Bannon.

It's clear now that Mr. Bannon has become another cross for the president to bear among an accumulating list of critics in and out of his Republican Party.

The catalyst for this freaky bombshell is a recently released insider book on Mr. Trump and his administration by free-lance writer Michael Wolff.

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