Saffron in Samajwadi bastion ! Etawah village paints 100 toilets in BJP colour

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 13, 2018

The controversy related to saffronisation of buildings in Uttar Pradesh seems to be spreading from the capital to remote village areas in Samajwadi Party bastion now. The toilets in Kripalpur were painted saffron on the instructions of Gram Pradhan Vedpal Singh Nayak.

"People of the village suggested me this colour. Right now we have painted 100 toilets with saffron colour and rest 250 will also be painted with saffron colour", the village head said. "When offices are being painted in saffron colour then what is the fuss if toilets have been painted with saffron colour", Pal said.

Recently, the UP Haj committee office outer walls in Lucknow were painted saffron but after much hue and cry and criticism, the paint was removed. Several political parties and Muslim body Darul Uloom are miffed by it.

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Even the Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhawan, which houses the chief minister's office, was painted saffron after Adityanath assumed office past year.

Reports say that the education department had distributed saffron-coloured school bags to primary schools students and the booklets that were distributed to mark 100 days and six months of the Adityanath government were saffron in colour as well.

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