Police woman has hair ripped out after being assaulted on shift

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 13, 2018

A POLICE officer's bodycam captured the moment she was attacked by a rampaging thug who tore out chunks of her hair and left her screaming on the floor.

After the assault, the police officer can be seen putting strands of her torn out hair into a plastic bag.

In May of past year, PC Emma Agyei was assaulted while attending a domestic incident.

Pc Agyei said it was the first time in 16 years on the job she had felt in danger and said she did not know how badly hurt she was going to be as the we was being attacked.

Her attacker was given a suspended sentence of 12 weeks after pleading guilty to assault.

"We will be making sure that for each prosecution of an assault on one of our officers or staff, the court understands the impact this has on us, our families, our workplace and the policing of the West Midlands", Thompson said.

Dramatic video footage of the attack on Pc Agyei has been released by the force, in which her chilling screams can be heard as the thug, who has not been named, holds her down.

ONE of the country's top cops is personally taking steps to highlight the impact of officers or police staff being assaulted or abused on our streets.


Everyday in the West Midlands, two law enforcement staff report being racially or verbally abused or assaulted, the police force said. Due to those attacks, 356 days were lost as police men and women recovered from their injuries, with a cost equivalent to around £65,000 in sick pay.

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As part of his campaign, cases involving an attack on a police officer will include a personal statement from Mr Thompson outlining to the magistrate or judge the effect the attack has had on the force.

West Midlands Police has released footage of the attack on Pc Agyei and the Chief Constable insisted it was up to the courts to do more.

He said: "Our officers will always do the right thing and routinely put themselves in harm's way to protect the public, but we need to bring to justice criminals who think that it is okay to abuse and hit out".

"Time off recovering from a senseless attack is time taken away from the very communities that need them policing their streets and protecting them". Of these, 89 were police community support officers and 131 were custody staff. It is quite reasonable for them to expect we are ensuring we protect them.

Backing the Chief Constable's tough stance, Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson said: "I am pleased that the Chief Constable is getting tough on these unacceptable crimes".

"The police protect the public, it is therefore important we protect our officers, PCSOs and staff too".

"Officers and staff should not have to put up with violence and assaults whilst keeping the public safe".

And, West Midlands Police says the problem is growing.

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