Passport won't serve as valid address proof anymore, new format soon

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 13, 2018

With the address not there, passport would cease to be official document for address proof.

"The last page is never checked anywhere, but the personal identity of a traveller is important".

Passports may soon stop serving as valid proof of address in India, with the Ministry of Externala Affairs announcing that the last page will no longer be printed in the new passports issued. The committee reviewed the things which said that the name of the father can be removed from the passport.

The new passports being printed will no longer have the last page with the holder's address - it will be blank instead. The information will still be stored in the system of the external affairs ministry, so it will not affect the government. Till now there are three types for passports and it all has different colours, white for government officers and those travelling on work allotted by the Centre, red for diplomats and blue for other citizens.

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Regular Passport is categorised under ECR and ECNR - for those who require an emigration check, ECR is issued; for those who do not, get an ECNR. "One of the recommendations of the Committee was that the MEA should explore the possibility of doing away with the printing of information contained in the Passport Booklet such as names of father/legal guardian, mother, spouse, and address contained in the last page of the passport", Raveesh added.

Meanwhile, the MEA is also said to be considering a few other changes to the passport, including the colour scheme. The passport now also comes with a barcode, which when scanned pulls out all the details of the individual. "The existing passports would continue to remain valid till the date of expiry printed in the passport booklet", the spokesperson added. To make immigration and screening more efficient, orange coloured passports may be issued for individuals in the ECR category.

Till the new passport booklets are designed, manufactured and made available to the ministry by ISP, the passports would continue to be printed with the last page.

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