NBC's Megyn Kelly walks back from fat-shaming comments

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 13, 2018

"I said something yesterday on the demonstrate that unmistakably struck a nerve", she disclosed to her gathering of people, "and I believe it's a discussion we need". The truth is, I loathe it.

Kang said she's "in your face" when it comes to helping people stay fit.

"You should parlay the shaming thing into a professional business", Kelly told King. Because some of us want to be shamed! "I said to my stepfather, "If you see me go into that kitchen one more time, you say 'Where you goin", fat (expletive)?' And it worked!"

Kelly would later be the subject of the term at the hands of school bullies herself, and says she took drastic measures to reduce her size, including diet pills, obsessive exercise, and reducing her calorie intake to just 500 per day.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg told "The View" audience that "this wasn't working for her" and noted that Kelly had to issue a statement the next morning to apologize. "Those comments can cut deep, trust me, I know". "We should be fostering a healthy culture that celebrates all women of all sizes", McCain wrote alongside an article about the comments. "When you say something like, 'At times, fat-disgracing is great, ' it truly harms me".

Today, the talk show host is answering for her remarks, opening her show with the topic of weight in America.

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"I, like every woman I know, still wrestle with body image and still cringe when I hear a person attacked for his or her weight".

She concluded by saying, "Please know I would never encourage that toward any person". "I think that she was trying to be amusing". And neither deserves to be judged or shamed for how they choose to handle that struggle. She has thousands of followers who have created their own no excuses clubs throughout the country and then I revealed something even I used to do 25 years ago.

My entire family is or has been overweight or obese: My nana, my mom, my sister, and my brother. Kelly also shared a memory of a neighbor calling her mother "fat".

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly speaks at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington October 13, 2015.

"I've never had to lose a pound, I got a hot husband, I got a cool job, I've never lost weight for anything", McCain said.

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