Massachusetts Voters Rip Trump, Praise Baker In New Poll

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 13, 2018

Those are just some of the harsh words MA voters used to describe President Donald Trump in a new poll released Wednesday.

But how do MA residents feel about the T's winter performance since 2015?

Forty-five percent approve the way Baker is handling the situation with MBTA.

Seventy-four percent of Bay State voters approve of the Republican governor's performance, according to WBUR, which found the opposite to be true for fellow Republican President Donald Trump.

Baker Urges US Attorney Not to Focus on Marijuana
Baker Urges US Attorney Not to Focus on Marijuana

The poll was conducted in the wake of the January 4 bomb cyclone that dropped more than a foot of snow on Boston, resulted in historic flooding and was accompanied by dangerously-low temperatures.

Concerning his role apart from the T, 74 percent of MA voters said that they approve of the job Baker is doing overall, with 66 percent saying they view him favorably. Sixty-two-percent said Trump is not fit to be president.

The poll has a margin of error of 4.4 percent. Fifty-nine percent of MA voters also think that Trump has been bad for the country, with 40 percent saying that he's been bad for MA specifically.

Seventy-four-percent approve of the job he's doing and 73-percent believe MA is heading in the right direction.

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