Marvel Comics Creator Stan Lee Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 13, 2018

The creator of the famous Marvel comics, Stan Lee, 95, has been accused of sexual misbehavior by nurses who were taking care of him.

However, the nursing company who employed the nurses is now engrossed in a legal dispute with the 95-year-old.

Lee's nurses claimed he requested oral sex in the shower and to be "pleasured" in his bedroom. However, no police report has been filed, neither have any official lawsuits.

In response to the allegations, Lee's lawyer said in a statement that his client categorically denies the "false" and "despicable" allegations and that he intends to fight in order to protect his name and "impeccable" character.

'Stan is an old man who has seemingly lost his way.

Lee's attorney Tom Lallas sent a cease and desist letter to the nursing company on December 20. Lee was the former president and chairman of Marvel where he co-created Spider Man, Iron Man, the X-Men, The Incredible Hulk and other popular comic book characters which have today helped Marvel earn $23 billion as the highest grossing movie franchises. Entertainment. He is said to have a personal fortune of $50 million.

'He's also very 'handsy' and has groped some of the women, it's unacceptable behavior, especially from an icon like Stan'. This accusation is another example of a demand that Mr Lee has received to pay money and threat that if he does not do so, the accuser will hold a press conference and go to the media. "She made a complaint to his people and apparently has demanded money, there's been a lot of meetings about it behind the scenes".

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Widower: Stan Lee's wife Joan died in July 2017 after 70 years of marriage.

Lee's new nursing company, Vitale Nursing Inc, told the Daily Mail that working with Lee has been nothing but "a privilege".

The allegations of sexual misconduct comes after a year that has seen Hollywood being rocked by the Harvey Weinstein sex-scandal following which numerous actors started the #MeToo movement.

Lee is now the chairman emeritus of Marvel, and deeply involved with the development of projects for his company POW!

Lallas' statement however, added that the Marvel creator will not be extorted or blackmailed and will not pay money to anyone.

"I have no comment except that I have not asserted any legal claim against Mr".

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