Majority don't want Dems to impeach Trump if they retake House

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 13, 2018

"We have a president who is a bigot", Green said.

Rep. Al Green of Texas promised to bring his articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump for a vote on the House floor next week.

During a news conference at his office in Houston, Green condemned Trump after accusations that the president used an expletive to describe Haiti and African countries during a meeting with lawmakers about immigration. Green said in a release. "The Congress has within its power to impeach a president for the language that he uses that causes harm to our society".

Democratic billionaire donor Tom Steyer launched a national campaign aimed at building support for Trump's impeachment a year ago, spending millions of dollars in an effort that included billboards in Times Square and television commercials.

In early December, a resolution to start the process of impeaching the president was tabled following a push from Green to force such a vote on the House floor. In all, only 58 Democrats - including Houston's Sheila Jackson Lee - sided with Green.

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Jackson Lee, in a statement Friday, also denounced Trump's latest remarks, as did many other Democrats.

Green said Trump has made comments on many occasions with racist and bigoted overtones, and the world expects action.

Green said that next week, he will again bring articles of impeachment against the president.

Nevertheless, the vote put some rank-and-file Democrats on the spot, caught between antipathy for the president and a desire to see multiple investigations of Trump's alleged Russian Federation ties - which could form a legal basis for impeachment - run their course.

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