IOC to host talks on North Korean participation on January 20

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 13, 2018

Nauert said President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed last week to continue the campaign of "maximum pressure" on North Korea to get it to give up its nukes.

The Games are scheduled for Feb. 9-25 in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The cheerleaders made their first appearance at the 2002 Asian Games in Busan, hitting the headlines when nearly 300 of them arrived on a ferry dressed in colorful hanboks - traditional Korean dresses - and waving so-called unification flags.

For 2017, China's imports from North Korea dropped 33 percent to $1.72 billion, the lowest value in at least four years.

"I warmly welcome the joint proposals by the governments of the ROK (Republic of Korea) and DPRK (Democratic People's Republic of Korea), which have been applauded by so many other governments worldwide", said Bach in the statement.

Roh was a member of the South Korean delegation at the meeting, after which North Korea agreed to send a delegation to PyeongChang 2018, the first Winter Olympics to be held in South Korea. The rule will not be enforced within the Olympic venues, where IOC protocol applies, but could become an issue elsewhere.

"The South also delivered a document presenting its position regarding the North's participation in the Pyeongchang Olympics and matters on cultural events", the ministry added.

The IOC said that its president Thomas Bach would host the talks, which would also include the delegations from the national Olympic committees of both countries.

The Koreas fielded joint teams at the 1991 World Table Tennis Championships and the 1991 FIFA World Youth Championship.

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North Korean diplomats are extremely serious about the possibility of war between North Korea and the United States, noting that the U.S. has already prepared for it for months, a Russian expert said Wednesday.

North Korea is ranked 25th.

He added that the North Koreans reaffirmed their country's commitment to achieving nuclear parity with the U.S., insisting it does so to preserve their country's survival.

China's exports to North Korea in December declined 23.4 percent from a year earlier to $260 million, Huang told reporters.

The White House says North Korea's participation in the Winter Olympics won't affect U.S. participation in the Games.

U.S. officials familiar with the classified analysis say the consensus is that Kim remains convinced that the United States is determined to overthrow him and that only a nuclear arsenal that threatens America can deter that.

Go Myong-Hyun, an analyst at the Asan Institute of Policy Studies, said US actions had "instilled considerable fear in Pyongyang unlike in South Korea".

China's imports from North Korea plunged in December to their lowest level in dollar terms since at least the start of 2014, with trade curbed by U.N. sanctions aimed at persuading Pyongyang to abandon its ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs.

China would not attend and was resolutely opposed to it, its foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said.

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