Gamer, 28, kills mom after blaming her for broken headset, police say

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 13, 2018

Police have arrested a Northern California man they say shot his mother to death after he began yelling during a video game. When the victim, his mother, went in to check on him, Nicholson began arguing with her and he ended up breaking the headset to his video game.

During their investigation, police determined 28-year-old Matthew Nicholson had been in his bedroom playing video games when he became upset and started yelling. He broke his headset to his video game, and then blamed his mother for the broken headset, according to police.

After threatening to kill both his mother and father, police say Nicholson retrieved a handgun and used it to shoot two rounds into the wall, then shot his mother in the head.

Nicholson's father wrestled the gun away from Nicholson, who got in a vehicle and drove to a relative's home in Riverbank, police said. She was rushed to a hospital, where she later died of her injuries.

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Nicholson was later taken into custody at a relative's home in Riverbank.

Yotsuya told FOX40 this was the second time in six months that police have been called to the home for a fight between Matthew Nicholson and his parents.

Nicholson was being held in Stanislaus County Jail with no bond.

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