Donald Trump: Shock over United States president's migrants remarks

Maricruz Casares
Enero 13, 2018

Dick Durbin, who was in the room with Trump when he made the remark, said that the president did use "vile, vulgar" language including the word "shithole".

Trump spent about three hours with military doctors at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, an exam that White House doctor Ronny Jackson said went "exceptionally well".

People briefed on the meeting said that a potential deal had been reached between Republicans and Democrats present at the meeting.

Trump denied on Friday using such derogatory language, but he was widely condemned in many African countries and in Haiti and El Salvador, and by global rights organisations. "I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians!" "Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!"

Notably, the White House did not deny Trump's comments and instead endorsed the spirit of what he appeared to be saying. Republican lawmakers introduced legislation in 2017 that would cut or eliminate some long-standing parts of the US immigration system, but none of the bills passed.

Next Friday is the deadline for Congress to pass a national budget, something many Democrats, whose votes are needed, have said they will not do unless there is a fix for DACA.

"I spoke with President Jovenel Moise about the issue, and, of course, the president condemns such language and he is shocked", Altidor remarked, adding that the U.S. charge d'affaires in Haiti had been summoned to explain the United States president's remarks. Not just once but repeatedly.

That was the nature of this conversation.

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Separately, Durbin told reporters he had not seen a single news report about the President's words that was false.

Trump's comments added uncertainty to already contentious talks about legislation to shield hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation and boost border security measures. The deal was a nonstarter for conservative senators at the meeting and also for Trump.

"We are the ones who defeated slavery and freed ourselves in 1804", Aubry said, remarking that until the 1960s black people in the United States were subject to legal segregation from whites.

Trump reportedly used a vulgarity to describe Haiti and African countries according to several reports. Mr. Trump has tweeted a denial that he made this statement.

Trump says the "so-called bipartisan" deal "was a big step backwards" because it doesn't fund a wall along the Mexican border. "Made up by Dems", Trump wrote.

"He continued: "....countries which are doing badly.

He adds: "I want a merit based system of immigration and people who will help take our country to the next level". I want to fund our military, not do a Dem defund....

US House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan said: "The first thing that came to mind was very unfortunate and unhelpful". It is a handsome story of America, and that is a great story and that is the story we have today and that is a story we had yesterday and that is what makes this country so exceptional and unique in the first place. They worked hard, paid taxes and rose from nothing to take care of and provide opportunities for their children.

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