Celebrity Big Brother 2018 results! Who left? First celebrity is evicted!

Evarado Alatorre
Enero 13, 2018

Cumbrian broadcaster India has also been reunited with her mother Sandra - who echoed her view - after being the first to be evicted tonight.

India was evicted to cheers, despite being the first out and attracting a lot of controversy.

See all the latest from the Celebrity Big Brother house 2018 in pictures.

Much of the time in the house was defined by how scared she was of Courtney Act and drag queen, and despite becoming friends with Shane Janek, India says she'll never get over her fear.

India said: "I'm certainly trying to get on with people. Thank heavens that wasn't the case". "I know I probably share a degree of blame in that because I kept going on about gender because it was so important to me".

"When Shane [Jenek] came in, it's like a petrifying thing and my head went [jumbled]".

Giggling, Maggie responded: "I've forgotten what they look like Amanda!"

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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 results! Who left? First celebrity is evicted!

The celebrities flying the flag for the LGBT community.

Not only is she heaps of fun and a total stunner, but her open mind and willingness to educate on topics from gender to sexuality makes her the CBB housemate we have literally been waiting for all of our lives.

On her relationship with the U.S. star she said: "Shane J has been terrific... a lot of respect and we will stay friends after this show". "I had a lot of respect for him".

In the Diary Room, India - nominated along with Jonny Mitchell for eviction in a public vote tomorrow - confided that she has not given up all hope of being staying on in the house.

"Actually, the whole bed episode, that was another mistake".

"I watch Big Brother every year and I know it's crucial to get a good bed because obviously sleep is a big issue in there".

Less than 48 hours after leaving her 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemates speechless with a sexual confession about Daleks, India Willoughby has done it again.

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