Health screening is important to prevention

Maricruz Casares
Enero 10, 2018

Anti-cancer vaccines have been found effective in preventing the two strains of HPV most frequently found in cervical cancer. "According to the most recent New York State data (2014), only about 65 percent of women without insurance have had a Pap test within the past three years, compared to roughly 85 percent of women with health insurance".

Some women are at higher risk for cervical cancer.

Fenell, who is Health Service Programs Manager for the Good Samaritan Health Center, explains that cervical cancer is preventable with annual screenings including pap smears and HPV (Human Papillomavirus) screenings.

"All people with a cervix can develop cervical cancer", said Dr. Timothy Spurrell, medical director of PPSNE.

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"Cervical cancer is most often found in women who have never had a Pap test or who have not had one in the past five years, so it's especially important for these women to get screened", said Schuyler.

Ian Fennell continually stressed the importance of early detection. The CSP offers these tests to uninsured women, ages 40 and older.

There are usually no symptoms: There are usually no symptoms of cervical cancer, and, left undetected, cervical cancer was once a major cause of death for American women. The best way to find cervical cancer early is to have regular screening with a Pap test. Your primary doctor or gynecologist often can do the tests needed to diagnose pre-cancers and cancers and may also be able to treat pre-cancer. Ask your health care provider for more details.

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