Limited Visitations At Hospitals In Springfield Due To Flu

Maricruz Casares
Diciembre 29, 2017

Both CoxHealth and Mercy Springfield say that children ages 14 and under who are not seeking medical treatment will not be permitted to visit patients in Springfield hospitals until further notice, beginning immediately. They are asking this for the protection of the patients.

According to the hospital's press release, the Dayton region has seen a 192% increase of reported flu cases since December 2, 2017 and over a 61% increase in just the last week.

San Diego County's Department of Health and Human Services reported 2,227 new flu cases last week compared to a total of 563 lab-confirmed flu cases the week before, almost four-times the amount of cases.

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Take everyday preventive actions like covering coughs and sneezes, avoid touching your eyes or mouth, staying away from sick people and washing your hands often to help stop the spread of respiratory viruses including flu.

-Everyone over the age of 6 months is recommended to be vaccinated.

"We respectfully ask the public to follow these new guidelines during flu season, which lasts through March 2018", said Bryan Bucklew, President & CEO of GDAHA. has an interactive map showing the various locations where vaccine is available.

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