Final Fantasy VR "Ride" to Open at Japan's Universal Studios

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 27, 2017

If you're a fan of Square Enix's Final Fantasy franchise, there's a chance that you've played the games and watched the movies, but in case that wasn't enough, perhaps you might want to book a trip to Japan in 2018 because it has been announced that Universal Studios Japan will be getting a Final Fantasy ride. It's a roller coaster! Called Final Fantasy XR Ride, it is a VR enabled roller coaster rather than a physically present ride. Fan-favorite characters like Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, Final Fantasy VIII's Squall, Final Fantasy IX's Zidane, and Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning will make an appearance during the ride, but their specific roles haven't been explained beyond the brief teaser trailer, where we also see Sephiroth.

The limited-time only ride is part of Universal Studios Japan's yearly Cool Japan event. We can't forget the awesome Super Nintendo World as well, which is planned for debut in 2020, and it looks absolutely incredible.

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To learn more about the ride and if you can understand Japanese, you can check out the Universal Studios Japan website here.

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