Apple faces multiple lawsuits over iPhone battery speed

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 23, 2017

On Wednesday, the USA technology giant said that it has algorithms in place to help keep an iPhone running at optimal performance if there is an older battery inside that can't keep up with the required power.

Apple on Thursday confirmed what some conspiracy theorists had suspected: that it intentionally slows performance of older iPhones as batteries weaken due to age.

USA Today reports that Apple didn't respond to requests for comment about the lawsuit. Separately, five users have filed a federal lawsuit in Chicago to the same end.

James Vlahakis, of the Sulaiman Law Group is representing the plaintiffs in the Chicago legal action.

'Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices, ' it said in a statement.

The technology giant confirmed it introduced a feature to its iOS operating system past year which manages performance on the iPhone 6, 6s and SE to help preserve battery life, which it says diminishes over time.

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On Wednesday, Apple admitted it slows down older iPhones because of battery problems which can cause iPhones to shut down without warning.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the suit was filed in Chicago by two people in IL as well as by Ohio, North Carolina and in residents with iPhone models 5 through 7. And as the product gets older Apple introduced throttling to increase the life of the phone.

So maybe the big lesson here is that big multi-national tech companies need to be more transparent in how they behave.

The company said its software updates for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 are created to "smooth out" peak power demands, prevent these surprise shutdowns and ultimately prolong the lifespan of batteries. It even said, the latest iOS 11.1.2 update adds this function to last years iPhone 7.

John Poole, founder of software company Primate Labs, looked into the issue and on Monday shared research indicating declines in performance appeared to be linked to an iPhone operating system upgrade. As Wired explains, there are a number of ways in Apple could have found a fix without penalizing the consumers for what is clearly the company's fault and saving it from stepping on a PR minefield.

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