This will be first smartphone manufacturer with inscreen fingerprint sensor

Federico Mansilla
Diciembre 15, 2017

Analyst Patrick Moorhead got a chance to experience a pre-production Vivo smartphone equipped with a Synaptics' in-display fingerprint sensor called Clear ID. "Synaptics announced it has figured out how to manufacture, in high volume, an integrated fingerprint sensor in the smartphone display that operates in a fast, secure, manner", a report in Forbes said late on Thursday.

Vivo isn't particularly well-known in Western markets, but is popular in India as the fourth-biggest smartphone maker and holds a similar position in China. Vivo had previously partnered with Qualcomm to showcase an under-display fingerprint sensor meant for its future smartphones. Synaptics has said that its Clear ID in-display fingerprint scanner is designed for bezel-less OLED infinity displays that are found in flagship smartphones such as Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Apple, in particular, was highly rumoured to implement the technology for its anniversary special iPhone X but the company went ahead with FaceID, which uses 3D facial mapping for biometric authentication.

However, there is no confirmation on the name of the Vivo phone that will be featuring the in-display fingerprint scanner by Synaptics.

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Human Interface Device (HID) expert Synaptics might be grasping at straws to salvage what it can from its much-delayed in-display fingerprint sensor. The company announced via Nasdaq that their Clear ID technology, a family of products that add fingerprint sensors to display screens, will be in mass production in 2018. It had also confirmed that it will be working with one of the top five smartphone manufacturing firms for the mass production of Clear ID.

According to Moorhead, citing IDC statistics, Vivo actually ranks as a top-five manufacturer globally as a result.

Named "Clear ID", these are expected to work exactly like the home button fingerprint sensors.

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