State Rep. part of controversial outburst

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 8, 2017

Rep. Daryl Metcalfe said, "I don't like men, as you might", after Rep. Matt Bradford placed his hand on Metcalfe's forearm during a meeting of the state government committee Tuesday. He went on to instruct his Democratic colleague that, if he wanted to touch someone, there are "people on your side of the aisle that might like it".

"We are officially off the rails", Bradford responded. Bradford, who is married with four children, put his hand on Metcalfe's arm to ask for more time to speak on a committee issue when Metcalfe erupted.

Neither man could be reached for comment. "I've tried to calm him down". Democrats say he regularly shuts down their questions or comments and uses his committee as an ideological weapon.

Metcalfe later told the Tribune-Review that Bradford has touched his arm or shoulder often during meetings in recent months even though he has asked Bradford to stop.

In addition to Wolf, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party has called for Metcalfe's resignation.

"I don't know what his sexuality or his sexual behavior is".

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In one incident, Metcalfe pressed legislation to make English the official language of Pennsylvania and invited someone he identified as a "white nationalist" to testify in favor of it.

The conservative lawmaker told TribLive that Bradford has been repeatedly told to rein in his touching behavior.

He told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that he was not making a pass at Metcalfe, but instead was trying to "restrain him so I could finish my thought".

"The chairman can be volatile", Bradford, D-Montgomery, said.

Metcalfe, who once defended white nationalism by saying it's "a lot different than a white supremacist" has been very vocal against homosexuality in the past.

'It shows what tyrants they are when they think that they can place themselves above God's law, above natural law, and above the will of the American people as we've seen it expressed in state after state after state, ' Metcalfe said.

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