Meek Mill's Prison Life I Don't Do Windows But Juggling Multiple Jobs

Esequiel Farfan
Diciembre 8, 2017

The 30-year-old rapper is now serving a 2-4 year prison sentence for violating his probation on a gun and drug case that is almost a decade old at this point.

His jobs include cleaning the cell block, cooking and serving food, washing dishes, and beautifying prison grounds. TMZ further reports that, though he's earning 19 cents an hour, he's apparently drawing positive attention for his good behavior.

A rep for the prison claims Meek has been a model inmate and he's getting some nice perks for it.

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In addition to keeping himself occupied, he's keeping up with his mental health as well as he's reportedly on the waitlist for therapy, too.

Today, the Associated Press also reported that Meek's bail motion was rejected by an appeals court.

And while it may seem that the "Wins and Loses" performer is okay with prison life, his legal team has continued to battle to get him free. They had previously been denied in Superior Court last week and have also filed a motion to have Brinkley dismissed from the case, based on the potentially unethical nature of the sentence that she attached to the emcee.

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