Manmohan Singh says Modi Government can not equal UPA's economic growth

Galtero Lara
Diciembre 8, 2017

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday said that previous UPA government under him "strictly" dealt with those facing corruption charges but the same can't be said about the Narendra Modi government.

Singh criticised demonetisation and alleged that the PM has "betrayed" the trust of people.

"I was always ready as being the prime minister it was my responsibility to meet all chief ministers". Their faith and hopes have been shattered. This is Dr Singh's third visit for campaigning in the state. It is clear that a lot of black money got converted to white and corruption continues to flourish. Speaking in Rajkot just two days before the first stage of the crucial assembly polls, Singh said that that Gujaratis had seen through the lies of the Modi government and his party, the BJP. One immediate impact of demonetisation has been on job sector.

"I would be happy if it were to happen but I frankly do not think it will", he said.

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Singh urged the people to demand the release of documents related to demonetisation.

"We must demand the government to release all the documents related to demonetisation in public domain for scrutiny", he said.

The former prime minister said that while Modi claimed to understand Gujarat and the poor "more than anybody else", how was it that "he never understood the pain his decisions unleashed".

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