LEGO Group wins copyright case against clone brands in China

Evarado Alatorre
Diciembre 8, 2017

The toy market in China has become huge and is now at $31 billion.

Earlier in 2017, a ruling was passed by the Beijing Higher Court that recognized the logo and name of Lego in Chinese as well-known trademarks, putting the Danish toymaker in a far better position to take action when its trademarks are infringed.

It was also decided by that court that Lego is protected by the China anti-unfair competition law for its unique and distinctive appearance of specific product lines, and in the case of this lawsuit LEGO Friends. Against Chinese companies-imitators brought charges of unfair competition.

LEGO was first won in the court of the Chinese companies that copy toy
LEGO Group wins copyright case against clone brands in China

On the official website of LEGO, it was reported that the lawsuit was filed against two companies from China who manufactured and sold a product almost identical products of the Danes.

In China, the court first issued a decision under which the two companies from China that copies the toys were forbidden to produce and sell products that mimic the constructors of the company LEGO.

"We think this is very important for the continued development of a favourable business environment for all companies operating in the Chinese market", Lego's vice president of legal affairs, Peter Thorslund Kjaer said.

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