India says China was informed about drone that crashed

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 8, 2017

Stating that Indian border forces had immediately alerted their Chinese counterparts and that the Chinese side reverted with the location details of the UAV, Colonel Aman Anand, spokesperson of the Indian Army, said.

India on Thursday said it had informed China about a drone that crashed in Chinese territory, after Beijing claimed the Indian UAV had "intruded" in its area. "The matter is being dealt with in accordance with the established protocol through institutional mechanisms to deal with situations along the India-China border areas", the statement added.

The UAV was on a regular training mission inside Indian territory before losing contact with ground control due to a technical problem and crossed over the LAC, the spokesman added.

Indian and Chinese troops confronted each other between June and August this year - at one stage even resorting to scuffling and throwing stones - on a remote plateau near the borders of India, its ally Bhutan, and China, in the most serious and prolonged standoff in decades.

"We will earnestly fulfil our mission of duty and firmly defend the sovereignty and security of our country", the deputy director of the Chinese army's western theatre combat bureau, Zhang Shuili, said.

"India has infringed on China's territorial sovereignty, and we are strongly dissatisfied with and opposed to this".

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In Beijing, both the defence and foreign ministries said the Indian UAV had crashed into the Chinese side of the border recently.

The date of the crash and exact location of the drone, however, have not been revealed by either India or China.

"Recently an Indian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle invaded China's airspace and crashed in the Sikkim section of the China-India border", foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a media briefing. "The Chinese border troops took professional and responsible attitude and verified the device".

He said the Sikkim section of the China-India border has been delimited and Chinese side along the borderline is China's territory.

The strong reaction from China also comes days ahead of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's visit to India for the Russia, India and China Foreign Ministers meeting. Asked whether the UAV issue would figure in Wang's talks with Indian officials when he visits Delhi, he said the "goal" of Wang's visit was to attend the trilateral meeting.

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