Franken Accuser Calls Out His Non-Apology

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 8, 2017

Several women who accused Sen.

"That resignation speech was so self serving, it was 'I I I, me me me". It's a lose-lose situation here.

"I think his resignation was the best for the integrity of the office, because there is no integrity if we're not holding everyone accountable. We can't have our leaders saying one thing and doing another".

Franken has faced criticism from other quarters for his speech.

"Justice to me would be him owning up to what he did and to stop trying to pass the buck onto other individuals who possibly - they did commit the same things, maybe even more heinous than what he's done", she said, perhaps referencing to Franken's comment in his resignation speech that President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore have not seen the same repercussions for their alleged sexual misconduct. "He's the one stepping down".

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Army veteran Stephanie Kemplin, who said Franken had groped her at a 2003 USO tour photo shoot, told CNN that the senator's remarks on Thursday were "very hurtful".

Kemplin responded, "I have to say that I'm so sad and appalled at his lack of response and him owning up to what he did".

Another accuser, Lindsay Menz, also said she was "a little disappointed" by Franken's statements and that he would "continue to dismiss and put the allegations down".

Kemplin said during an MSNBC interview Thursday that she did not necessarily feel that justice was served by Franken announcing his resignation.

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