Overpowered New Gun Dominates Destiny 2 PvP

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 7, 2017

One video in particular that's been making the rounds online (from YouTube user SuperBrunch) highlights the weapon's over-effectiveness as the player takes down 6 players in just 30 seconds using Prometheus Lens.

The Prometheus Lens is only available through the Curse of Osiris expansion, with it appearing as a random drop for players of the new DLC.

Destiny 2's Curse of Osiris DLC launched yesterday, providing a fresh selection of new content for Bungie's sci-fi shooter.

Previously, participating in the "Prestige" difficulty mode for Destiny 2's Nightfall strikes required players to be at the power level cap for the game: 300. The recommended power level for the game's toughest - and most rewarding - activities has also risen accordingly.

Similarly, the Prestige version of the Leviathan raid now requires a power level of 330, meaning it is inaccessible to anyone who hasn't purchased Curse of Osiris.

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Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and costs $20.

It's the nature of living games and MMOs to have to deal with power creep as they add new content and increase player levels, but most of the time the doesn't include locking players out of content that they previously had access to.

In order to trigger Heroic Adventures, you'll first need to complete all the story missions in Curse of Osiris, then visit Brother Vance in the Lighthouse, who will then task you with beating three Adventures.

According to plenty of players posting on reddit, the Exotic rifle basically annihilates others in PvP, but works as intended in PvE.

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