Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Gets Couch Co-Op

Federico Mansilla
Diciembre 7, 2017

Today, Ubisoft announced Versus Mode, a new local two-player game mode for Mario + RabbidsKingdom Battle, free for all players on Nintendo Switch™. Find the details below, via Ubisoft's Blog.

The free, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Versus DLC will be made available Nintendo Switch tomorrow, December 8.

The mode will allow for players to either share a pair of JoyCon controllers or use two Pro Controllers to take each other on on the battlefields, choosing three characters from a pool of eight to make up their squads, each with their own preset loadouts.

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Since launching back in August, Ubisoft's strategy crossover Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has enjoyed critical acclaim by bringing together the unlikely combination of Mario and the Rabbids, and tomorrow players will get to enjoy a whole new side of the game with a competitive edge.

There's a catch, however. Additionally, you can customise the battle with a timer, a limited number of turns, or remove items for a more purist experience. You may be accustomed to moving, attacking, and using techniques for each of your heroes during every turn in the campaign and co-op, but Versus is a different story.

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