Life Is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 Release Date Announced

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 7, 2017

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 3 has finally got its release date, and we won't have too long to wait until the epic conclusion to this prequel story. Episode three, Hell is Empty, will release on December 20. Chloe also uncovers a unsafe revelation that will require her to make some of the toughest decisions.

“The whole development team at Deck Nine have poured their hearts and souls into this game, ” said Jeff Litchford, Vice President at Deck Nine Games. When Rachels world is turned upside down by a family secret, it takes this new-found alliance to give each other the strength to overcome their demons.

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While this is the end for Life Is Strange: Before the Storm, the original development team at Dontnod Entertainment are now working on Life Is Strange 2, and hopefully we'll hear more about the sequel soon. From what we can tell, it certainly looks like there are plenty of twists and turns yet to come, and no doubt a lot of very hard choices for players to ponder. This final episode is set to end in a dramatic conclusion that'll bring together all of the consequences of players' actions throughout the previous episodes.

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