India doctor mistakenly labels newborn dead, wakens en route to funeral

Maricruz Casares
Diciembre 7, 2017

A hospital in India fired two physicians and promised an investigation after a baby who was declared dead woke up in a bag while the family was driving to his funeral.

The latest incident follows another hospital negligence case in India that took place last month where Fortis Hospital in Gurugram, a city close to the Indian capital of New Delhi, came under fire after the parents of a 7-year-old girl, who died of dengue, accused it of wrongly charging a whopping $24,602 for the treatment of the child.

According to The Guardian UK, two doctors have been sacked from Delhi's upmarket Max hospital in Shalimar Bagh, where the boy and his twin sister were born prematurely at 22 weeks last week.

Later, as the family was en route to a shmashāna - a Hindu cremation ground - for the baby boy, the parents felt "some movements" inside one of the polythene bags provided by the hospital, according to CNN.

"They handed us both bodies wrapped like a courier package from the back door", the boy's grandfather Kailash told NDTV. The second child was stillborn; the first was declared dead a short time later.

"We didn't get anything from the government except false promises", he said. Senior police sources said that if the allegations were found to be true, the hospital might be charged for extortion. It is dubbed a "super specialty hospital" on the company's website, boasting a wide array of medical disciplines.

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The incident comes days after parents of a seven-year-old girl who died of dengue after a fortnight at Fortis hospital in Gurugram were charged with whopping 1.6 million INR (24,602 USA dollars) for the treatment.

"We wish to clarify that this action should not presuppose finding of any lapse by the expert group and should not be construed in any way to be anything other than an expression of our continued commitment to providing quality healthcare", the statement from Max Healthcare said.

The association is conducting an inquiry along with hospital officials.

KK Aggarwal, the head of the IMA, said the episode was a tragic mistake.

"There is definitely a mistake", he told Asian News International. "But let the inquiry committee find out".

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