House passes legislation extending concealed carry privilege across state lines

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 7, 2017

Through the now existing system, states are free to issue their own concealed carry permits and choose which other state's permits they want to recognize. "This bill, will allow a law-abiding citizen to carry concealed gun only if they are not federally prohibited from possessing or receiving a firearm".

The bill passed 231 to 198.

Rep. Andy Harris, in a statement this week hailing the bill passing the House, said the legislation will in fact make the country safer.

Most states grant hide and carry permits but issuance standards vary significantly between jurisdictions.

Beyond being a basic constitutional right, states that do not allow non-residents to carry concealed weapons leave these citizens in danger and with no real option for self-defense in instances of gun violence.

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The House vote comes in the aftermath of a recent wave of deadly mass shootings across the nation. He also urged New Yorkers to Tweet their displeasure toward GOP lawmakers, although the list included Long Island's Pete King and Staten Island's Dan Donovan, two Republicans who voted against the measure. He said police aren't now able to determine whether a person carrying a loaded gun has a valid permit to do so, because a national database of such permits doesn't exist.

"Republicans are inviting violent criminals, domestic abusers, convicted stalkers, and those who have never undergone a background check or received any gun safety training the green light to carry their concealed weapons wherever they want", she added.

Many New Jersey districts are a top priority for national Democrats looking to shift control of the House during the 2018 midterm elections. The bill requires a response to an appeal in no more than 60 days.

"This bill was the first piece of legislation I cosponsored after being sworn into Congress and I am glad to support its passage today", said a statement by Estes, who joined Congress in April after winning a special election to replace former Rep. Mike Pompeo. "The Congressman voted to make the job of our law enforcement agencies more hard and to allow untrained and potentially unsafe individuals to carry concealed weapons in New Jersey". Giffords was the victim of a shooting in 2011.

The House bill now goes to the Senate.

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