Flying Pizzas in Space! Astronauts Get Creative with Cosmic Pie Creations

Federico Mansilla
Diciembre 7, 2017

You might not immediately find yourself comparing the International Space Station with your lounge room, but it turns out that the triumph of cutting-edge engineering and international goodwill has a lot in common with the place you eat chips and fall asleep - at a microbiological level, at least.

Nespoli is working aboard the station as part of the Italian Space Agency's VITA mission. It was cooked several types of food according to the taste preferences of the crew.

Because everything in microgravity floats, the astronauts were careful to tether things down while slapping ingredients onto their pizza. Earlier, the worldwide coffee day, Paolo Nespoli celebrated the holiday by preparing a Cup of espresso with the coffee machine orbital.

When you really, really miss pizza... you CASUALLY mention it to the International @Space_Station? Nespoli, in orbit since July, declared the pizza "unexpectedly delicious".

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The astronauts released footage Saturday of the outer space pizza party and gave the term "flying saucers" a whole new meaning. But space pizza? Well, just see for yourself.

Once heated, they throw the pizzas to each other like frisbees before eating them.

Bresnik dubbed the crew the "Intergalactic Pizza Devouring Squad", or IPDS. For that study, people around the U.S. were asked to send in samples of the bacteria found in their homes, and they were then sent up to the International Space Station - the new research reverses that, bringing samples back down from space and exploring them.

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