Dying Light is getting a 'battle royale' multiplayer expansion called Bad Blood

Federico Mansilla
Diciembre 7, 2017

Techland has announced, due to much demanded fan request, Dying Light their parkour zombie survival game is getting a stand-alone PvP DLC in 2018 titled Bad Blood.

Dying Light took the gaming community by storm and has since then garnered somewhat of a cult following. Since Bad Blood was inspired by fan requests, we want player feedback to be an integral part of our development.

However, Bad Blood seeks to set itself apart from both Be The Zombie and other Battle Royale-style games by reducing the amount of players to six and have them all be humans. The mode itself was a mix of Evolve and Dark Souls, as it had players team up to defeat a powerful enemy whose goal was to destroy the Night Hunter's nest before they themselves were killed, but it was only available for those actually willing to let themselves be invaded.

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Interested parties can sign up for a Techland Account and register for the closed, online Global Playtest for Dying Light: Bad Blood through the official website by clicking the link. Space is limited on the evac-chopper though, with players having to collect blood samples to buy seats for a way out. As such, the developer has introduced this, all the while keeping the core of Dying Light's gameplay experience, blending PvE and PvP.

"You and five other players are dropped into a hostile, zombie-infested area".

Techland is still working on the expansion, but you can join in on the action now as part of the studio's Global Playtest event. The more samples the players harvest collectively, the more evacuation seats on the chopper are unlocked, but everyone pays for their seat individually. The final version of "Bad Blood" is expected to launch sometime in 2018, although the studio didn't provide a specific release date.

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